Thursday, November 13, 2008

Everyone's Your Friend

Back many months ago when I was feeling horrible and ill, I was suposed to go with my coworkers to Washington DC for a work convention. Because my boss #1 Rocks and #2 Wants to get something for the money she spent on my airline tickets, I now get to go to a different convention in early December. Not only do I get to go to New York City but my daughter came up with the brilliant plan to go on a college visit to SVA in New York City at the same time. SVA gave her a portfolio review a few weekends ago and said she was good enough as a sophmore in high school to at least be considered for scholarships. Whether she realizes it or not, since she got that support from someone other than a blood relative, she has really been working hard and improving even more.

So today I bought her tickets and booked our rooms and we're leaving for New York on December 9th. I've never been there and since most of my time will be taken up with my conference and she'll be at SVA for a full day, we won't have a lot of time for sight seeing, but I have been informed by my daughter that we WILL see the Statue of Liberty (I advised her to look out the window of the plane, it's cheaper), and we WILL see the 9/11 site. I suppose we can work that in somehow. Of course, after eight years of George Bush, my very first thought when she mentioned seeing the Statue of Liberty was to go there, stand a little apart from everyone else, let the cold wind buffet my face and hands, and listen to one of my favorite songs on my Ipod.

Of course, as I walk the streets with my daughter, thinking about her being in that big city alone and being in such incredible awe of her guts and ambition, I feel humbled by it all. Of course, I'd have to sum up my feelings this way

But looking through her eyes?

And that is why she is amazing.

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