Sunday, May 24, 2009

Every Relationship Needs A Bit Of Healthy Mystery

You know the best part about watching the Star Trek movie with an old Trekkie?

All the inside bits that my kids didn't get, he did.

From a young Bones declaring how much he liked Spock, to the young Spock raising a single eyebrow, to a young Kirk squaring his jaw, readying for battle and of course, Scotty "Giving it all she's got". Even seeing the Kobyashi Maru scenario played out was a blast.

And I realized during the GI Joe trailer that Destro is none other than the 8th Doctor.

Oh yeah. I got to fly the flag for nerds everywhere today. I told my guy friend that I would agree to see GI Joe not because I wanted to go to another movie with him but only because I wanted to see The Doctor KICK SOME ASS AND BLOW SHIT UP.

I haven't told him that we're going to CONvergence over July 4th weekend. This Independence Day will hopefully REALLY be an Independence Day for us with the sentencing completed, the name change in place, and if we're golden, the divorce over and done with. I'll just let him know that I'll be down in the cities with my kids, having fun over the long weekend.

I won't tell him that I'll be sculpting my hair, wearing a pinstripe brown suit, and keeping my old stethoscope in my pocket. My name on my ID badge? Christina Harkness of course!


Cross dressing as a Time Lord?

Probably a secret best left for the future.

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