Thursday, May 07, 2009

Put Down The Gun, Pick Up The Knitting

Work will keep me out of the office for large chunks of time over the next two days. Perhaps this will make me reconsider purchasing a membership in the NRA so I can get my free introductory assault rifle.

Death by a thousand cuts is always a good analogy for my life at work but I think "torture by plucking out your pubic hair one by one with tweezers" is also appropriate. I think I will have to start wearing rock star sun glasses to hide that Charles Manson-sparkle in my eyes.

But hey! This weekend! SHEEP!

My knitting abilities have been limited to a couple days a week which makes the process of knitting a cardigan interminable. I am to the point of sewing parts together and I am determined to get that all done before our road trip on Saturday so I can do the hood and trim. After that, a zipper and I am soooo done with it. Just in time for summer! Too bad I'm only three inches into a tank top which will probably be done for Thanksgiving.

The cardigan pattern has been altered beyond belief (I think I've only followed a pattern faithfully once in my life) but perhaps the most amazing part is that I added five inches to the sleeves and four inches to the length and it is now sized perfectly. The photo on the pattern does not make it look like she is wearing a matador vest but that is certainly what it would have been. I know I have long arms but judging by the pattern, I must be some sort of a...freak.

Well, leave it to a knitting pattern to make me face reality.

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Shelly said...

I am sooooo going to be there! Coolio! I have no idea when--the choices are, Saturday, when I have no children with me (they have plans) or Sunday, when I would be dragging moping children with me!


Actually, unfortunately, I have some stuff I'm going to try to get done around the house on Saturday, so I may have to take the mopers with me. Damn!