Thursday, May 07, 2009

Welcome To My Thursday

It's quite an interesting head trip to run into a blog reader who recognizes me and stops to say hello. Hi Pam! I'll have to take your word for it that not all lawyers are rotten!

Speaking of lawyers, is it typical to receive legal paperwork in the mail that does indeed belong to you but has a cover letter addressed to some other client? I wonder how many cover letters have my name on them but are going to other people?

So far, I like my second lawyer but I'm just looking at it from the perspective of spending a lot of money to get a fairly straight forward process accomplished. I don't want a doctor mixing up my specimens with other patients (which has happened) and I don't want my lawyer sending cover letters with other people's business on them to me and consequently, my business to other people. It's a fairly small operation and there is a chance that it was done by my lawyer and not her office assistant. Either way, I'm really not amused.

I was also not amused to see someone at the gym this morning that I find to be an annoying little, petty man. As my daughter would say, he's a ginger and gingers have no soul. (Guess what, her father was a ginger too.) Because I am an annoying little, petty woman I made sure to adjust all of the equipment as I got off to be about a hundred pounds heavier than what I was really lifting. I have no idea why he felt the need to follow directly after me on each and every machine but either he was amazed at how much weight I was lifting or he was pissed at me for being a bitch. It made me giggle.

I was totally zoned out this morning as I was working out and I ended up doing about a hundred reps on three machines before I figured out that I MIGHT be overdoing it a bit. When I got into work, I went to turn my computer on and I couldn't raise my arms to push the button. I then needed a coworker to help me wipe my nose and we won't even discuss what happened in the bathroom...

As soon as the day is done, I will be taking my kids for Lion's Pancake Day at the DECC. Next to hot sex with oiled down cabanna boys and an eight ball with a pint, Pancake Day is my most favorite vice!

Side note: Is it socially appropriate to announce in public that "I like my coffee like I like my presidents, hot and black"?

Yeah, that's me. Full of piss, vinegar, and coming soon...PANCAKES!!!


Rebecca Hartong said...

Mmmmm... Pancakes. And I'm really hungry right now. You're very mean to blog about pancakes when I'm hungry.


When I had my last colonoscopy, they gave my husband somebody else's "findings" sheet. (I was too out of it still to be trusted with it myself.) I remember him telling me in the car on the way home, "Wow... your blood pressure was really high! You'd better have that checked out!" I usually have low-ish blood pressure so I started worrying about it. It wasn't until two days later when I actually looked at the findings that I realized it was somebody ELSE'S blood pressure that was high!

Ai yi yi... So I never did find out who got MY findings.

The doctor's office was very apologetic, but...jeez.

Anonymous said...

It was great to meet you. I knew that I would eventually run into you somewhere. And just for the record, I'm a fairly normal, boring person. I'm not a crazy blog stalker!

You should definitely be pissed about getting someone else's stuff from your attorney's office. I hope you let the attorney know how you felt.

I think it would be fun to chat sometime over something hot and black (ha, ha). If you're interested, let me know somewhere on your blog. I know how to find you now.

Enjoy your weekend!!