Monday, May 04, 2009

The Waiting Game

Waiting for this weekend: Going to Shepherd's Harvest with four totally cool fiber lovin' friends.

Waiting for the Duluth News Tribune to publish its next batch of "matters of record" as STBX's name and arraignment charges will FINALLY be listed. He always worked so hard to keep himself anonymous in life, using a pseudonym and being incredibly paranoid about "the government" finding him. Guess what? Once it's in the News Tribune, it will also be here. When people google his name, they will finally find something...the word "pedophile".

Waiting to get one more expensive medical test done as I'm starting to have medical problems again. My doctor gave me sad puppy eyes and said "For your sake, I hope it's negative." Thanks Doc, I guess if it's positive, I'll throw myself off the roof.

Waiting for the contested omnibus on May 22nd. Waiting to learn STBX's lawyer's game plan.

One thing I can't wait on anymore? Taking the dog out...

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