Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We, The Walking Soap Operas

A funny thing happened at the theater the other day.

As my new new guy friend and I sat there before the movie and discussed our lives, we bantered back and forth about all the ugliness that we are currently embroiled in. It wasn't until the movie was ready to start that I did a quick glance over my shoulder at the older couple sitting behind us.

They were quite intent on listening to the aural spectacle that we presented.

Crazy Spouses.
Perverted Spouses.
More Infidelity.

And us. Sitting there, drinking slushies and not realizing that what passes for "normal" in our world is decidedly abnormal for most.


Shelly said...

There are people that I know who, when I talked about the REAL stuff happening in my house, would say something akin to "that's just so gross" and they would change the subject. I'm glad you have someone to talk to--it's so important.

Mary said...

Nothing makes me feel better about my own clutter problems than watching the crazies on "How Clean is Your House?" climb around their piles of junk. ;-)

(My favorite one: the crazy bird lady. )