Friday, July 10, 2009

I Wanna Pimp Myself Out To A Chef

I'm still learning little things about myself.

Even seven months after life hit the fan, I still catch myself in sadly funny situations.

Like food. I have been a person catering to the needs of everyone but me for years. Now I find myself in the kitchen saying "But what do I want?"

This has actually come out while I am making an entire meal that none of us want. Who am I cooking for? Guess. (You'll probably get a tacky prize made by small Chinese children and hey, that Carney with the three teeth? Meeeeoooooowwww!)

I thought I had this taken care of at the supermarket months ago. Back when I was flipping off the various things that I would buy for STBX as I reached for them and then realized that I didn't want them.

But the whole cooking thing. What do I want for dinner? I want an apple and some peanut butter. I want a glass of wine and some silence. I want to put my feet up and have my dog give me the look that says "Hey, at least you never have to wonder what to feed me...ANYTHING will do."

But when it comes to kids, I am obligated to cook. At least once a week. Whether they're hungry or not.

And the children are teenagers and still picky eaters. Fast food? They hate it. Homemade burgers? They hate it. Delicious chili? They hate it. Anything light and yummy for summer time cooking? They hate it. Slow cooked spareribs with homemade sauce that takes six hours? Delicious! Paprika Roasted Chicken and homemade potato rounds that takes two and a half hours? Delicious!

Post Raisin Bran in a somewhat clean bowl that takes 30 seconds? Delicious!

Guess what we're having for dinner tonight?

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Shelly said...

Isn't it weird at the grocery store? I just noticed, THIS SUNDAY, that I am finally in the "Shopping for me and my kids" mode, and the STBX grocery concerns have left me. It only took a YEAR.

There may be some things that I will eventually add back in, because I like them, too, and I'm just not buying them right now because they were his idea, and screw that...

Maybe next year.

Discovering that we could ultimately live on re-fried beens and burrito fixin's has been so liberating. I don't give a damn if we eat that every night! No need to change...who is going to complain? We like it, and it's fresh and good for us, so, who cares? There is no rule that says you HAVE to mix it up....right?