Thursday, July 09, 2009

Mmmmm...Tasty Tasy Feces

Kettle corn and blueberries are fighting for domination of my soul.

There are times when I pause at sentences like that and wonder two things: Has that sentence ever been uttered by anyone else AND Do I need to up the medication?

While I'm not much of a snacker, I've been taking enough supplements lately that if I don't have something on my stomach at all times, I'm liable to curl in a ball and start twitching from stomach pain.

I think it's a positive thing that I feel the need to balance my chi by washing a handful of supplements down with a bag of kettle corn that I bought at the Duluth Days sidewalk sales yesterday.

Of course, I'm trying to do the "right thing" and snack on a bowl of blueberries. They are delicious and full of anti-oxidants.

But they just don't go with coffee the way that kettle corn does. And they just aren't as fun.

And it's all about fun, isn't it? As I was walking the dogs this morning and Shuggie was going about his normal routine of trying to eat EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE, I realized that the world must look very different to him.

He's Augustus Gloop and EVERYTHING is EDIBLE!

He would no sooner decide between blueberries and kettle corn as he would decide not to eat the neighbor dog's feces.
It's ALL delicious!
And really, what would a world look like where blueberries were the ONLY option and shit nibbling were discouraged?

I don't even want to contemplate it.

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Shelly said...

Ever tried blueberry flavored coffee? It ROCKS! And then you can just eat carmel corn...