Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Please Be My Travel Consultant!

Thanks to the amazing people that read this blog, my son will be attending summer camp starting this Sunday.

Here is the route we will take to get to Green Bay.

Since it's such a long, round trip for me on Sunday, I probably won't make a lot of stops but when I pick him up on Friday, I'm open to all suggestions of places to stop.

Yarn stores? Farmer's Markets? Unique shops? Pretty sites? Weird sites? Let me know!

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Shelly said...

My only suggestion is Colby....Colby, WI, and of course, the Colby Cheese House. It's small, and cramped, but, I always feel compelled to stop there and buy colby cheese, because it is the greatest cheese that ever was. Of course, if you can't eat cheese, then this suggestion is complete crap, but it's the only one I have...