Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Trash Bingo

Well, I've finally been found out.

All these months of stuffing my little trash can with a shit ton (that is an official measurement. You've heard of a foot ton perhaps? Same concept.) of trash have come back with a little yellow tag on my trash can.

"Call our office to arrange a bigger trash can".

In all honesty, it's not the over topped trash can that they are referring to, it's the extra bags that I always seem to set NEXT to the trash can that have gotten the trash cops on my trail.

In a normal existence, I would be able to cope with the smallest trash can. I recycle, I compost, and I think before I throw, just like a model citizen of the Green Planet Happy.

But for seven months, I've been literally taking out the trash. You want to know how to reduce a human being down to the garbage that he is? Just ask me! I'm an expert!

That and I've been taking out contractor bags filled with pieces of my shattered and burned walls.

But I have been righteously reprimanded and I shall now cease and desist.

However long I choose to live here, I will now play the game every trash day...What little piece of STBX gets thrown away this week?

With three large contractor bags filled with the remains of his life here, it should be a lengthy game indeed.


Anonymous said...

As long as it's not stinky garbage, you can take it up to the MRC and dispose of it all at once!!

Debbie said...

What's the MRC? And where is the MRC?

Anonymous said...

Materials Recovery Center (MRC) via WLSSD