Saturday, July 25, 2009

This Post Smells Deeeelicious!

I found my new favorite perfume.

Thing is, it's my first favorite perfume cuz I don't wear perfume.

Most of the time, I find the scents to be cloying and I've worked with enough people over the years that take a bath in perfume to realize how dangerous it can be in large quantities. It really should only be used by a professional and that certainly isn't me.

But as I wandered in Canal Park yesterday, waiting for a party to start (it was pre-arranged, I don't just stand around Canal Park looking for a good time...usually)I went into Duluth's version of a high end art gallery and shop.

It was there that I found it.

The perfume.

Along with its accompanying soap and lotion.

And there were testers. Lots of testers.

And I bathed in it like a french prostitute on a two for one coupon night.

I'm not quite sure if it's a common thing or not, covering your wrists with perfume and then grooming yourself like a cat while three bored sales persons look on in deep skepticism. I'm sure there was some sort of a retinal scanner somewhere as I walked in and my retina pattern was linked up to my bank account and they already knew what my account balance was and that I would never actually BUY the perfume. (OK, perhaps I've watched a LITTLE too much sci-fi). Either that or it was my kickin' party wardrobe purchased for $1.99 at Goodwill. Somehow, they just KNEW I fit in.

After I was liberally coated, I started looking at price tags. Just for laughs.

Yeah. And it was laughable!

So I've developed the poor white trash perfume plan. It will sort of be like visitation rights in a divorce.

Whenever the occasion warrants, I'll just leave enough time to stop by the shop before I go to my outing.

I'll just lather up with the testers, smile brilliantly at the obviously disgusted salespeople, and then haul ass outta there.

Easy as pie.

Mmmmmm. Pie.


Rebecca Hartong said...

I've got to know! What kind of perfume was it?!?

Debbie said...

I looked it up and OBVIOUSLY I have great taste, Julia Roberts loves it too!

tamara said...

So, imagine my surprise when I looked at the online DNT and *gasp* there you were! You sneaky! Didn't even blog about it! Congrats and good job! :D

Anonymous said...

I just read the article about you in the News Tribune online. Congratulations!


Annie said...

Posting here about DNT article, because I'm trivial: I started reading before the huge blowup and despite lack of interest or skill in knitting because you write so well. I enjoy the way you write about things, easy or hard. In a selfish way, I worry that when you organize your family's transformation or move, that you'll blog undercover too, and I'll lose your POV. Are there enough perfume counters in town to hide your attentions by spreading them out?

Mary said...

Woo hoo, front page! :-) Congrats, that's really cool.

Debbie said...

There are only two kinds of perfume in Duluth, that I know of, that I would wear so I think I'd better just do my commando perfume counter raids for special occasions!

And I'll be blogging even if I move. It'll just have to be under a different blog name...but I'll still be around.

Rebecca Hartong said...

Blogs are so great. You can use them like time machines! Anyway, after you posted this last summer I went to the Zents site (Zents being the name of the perfume for those of you who haven't been following along) and ordered their package of little tester vials. You knew about those, right? It's only 7 or 10 bucks and they send you out a little sample of each of their scents. Very nice.

BUT! But, but, but!!!

I have since then discovered a source of scents so magnificent, so varied and delightful, so not-horribly-expensive that I have complete abandoned Zent. What you need, Miss Tina, is wonderful perfume oil blends from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. (

Don't be put off by their Goth-y design. It's not all patchouli and musk -- not by a long shot.

My recommendation for your first scent: "Death of Autumn".