Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Developing My Alter Ego

I got an email today that has me very excited!

No, it has nothing to do with my divorce or name change, silly reader! Why, that is an interminable process that won't be done until I am dead of old age and my bones have decomposed.

I'm talking about this.

I literally squeed when I saw it.

Costumes? Halloween? Booze?


The funny thing is, I probably wouldn't even drink but the potential to be among a bunch of costumed super heroes and super villains? Golden!

So now, I need to figure out a costume.

Not sure if Time Lords could be considered Super Heroes although The Master is certainly a Super Villain.

Can we propose the obvious? Captain Jack Harkness?
Yeah, I'm thinking my non muscular frame and my lack of 51st Century dance moves would probably make this a tough sell. Plus, he's a Time Agent and that's a step down from a Time Lord so hmmmmm. Not nearly good enough. And the rest of the Torchwood staff? Hmmm. Just great ass kickers, not super heroes. And there is that whole "most of them are dead" thing.

There's always my favorite femme fatale, Doctor Girlfriend

Or perhaps Edna, tailor to the Super Heroes? Anyone that could make a fire proof baby outfit for Jack Jack is a superhero in my book.

But I do love me some Monarch and Henchmen too.

Hey, with my joint hypermobility, I could be a real life elasti-girl!

Whatever it ends up being, it must be cheap and accessible in local thrift stores.
I have been considering my super powers and am not above creating my own character.


superiorfan said...

Should be a fun time with a fun group of people. I've been to a couple of the group outings. Mini-Golf and the Huskies Game. Not sure if I'll make the pub crawl but who knows.

By the way I enjoy your blog. After reading the news article I took a look and have been reading ever since.

Debbie said...

Every single hike that is planned falls squarely on other events on my calendar. I never knew I was so busy until I tried to plan on attending one of the events!