Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Earth Didn't Move For Me

My dogs are insane. That's why they fit into this family so well.

After the last ten minutes, I'm sitting here waiting for the earthquake.

Have you ever seen animals right before an earthquake? They FREAK OUT. I was house sitting a million years ago in Maine...MAINE. I was watching a couple dogs and a couple cats and everything was cool until suddenly the pets totally went from zero to 60 and started barking, meowing, running through the house, and fighting with each other.

I stood in the middle of the dining room with my hands up in the air in my patented "WTF?" pose and then the house started to shake.

So this morning after our walk when the dogs suddenly did the same thing with such a ferocity that I was forced into the old "WTF?" pose, I stood there for quite some time. Waiting. Waiting.


Nope. They're just stupid.

I guess you can tell I'm from the midwest when I think that starting my day off with an earthquake could only make it more interesting.

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