Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back To Reality

Welcome to Willie Wonka Airlines.

In the event of a loss of cabin pressure, a bag of cotton candy will descend from the ceiling. Place it on your face and inhale.

While doing nothing for the loss of cabin pressure, it will allow you to dream of unicorns, rainbows, and fairy princesses before kissing your sweet ass good bye.

If you feel that you are not receiving the proper customer service on our airlines, please dial 1-800-Fly-Delta to register your complaint.

No, this isn't our phone you really think we'd be dumb enough to give you that? You are free to use our in flight banana phones. They come equipped with multi-lines and plenty of potassium.

We are back in Duluth. The proverbial eagle has landed.

These handsome gentleman met me at the airport, along with their dog watching goddess who is counting on that jumbo martini, jumbo margarita, and twenty seven six packs I promised her.

Remember this sweater?

Yeah, a certain thing happened while we were gone. The cats seemed to run out of food and water and apparently decided to take it out on my knitting. Ever see a half eaten sweater? Chewed up knitting needles? A destroyed skein of sock yarn? Well, I could have taken a photo of it all but that would have been evidence that I had to look at in the future. I decided to clean up the mess, feed the cats, and pretend that it never happened.

Then one of the cats took a poop in the hallway AFTER we got home.

ALRIGHT ALREADY! Four bowls of food and three bowls of water were not enough!

Why couldn't you be like your cousin Missy in Michigan? All sorta stuffed and acting like a doorstop...I saw no poopage going on with her!

All I know is that I will pretend that it never happened. I will not be forced to call and ask to borrow my brother's cool toys.

So long as it doesn't happen again that is.


Suzanne said...

Missy has been called many things but never a doorstop but she would be a good one. Perhaps I could use her as a door snake as well to keep out drafts? Now if I could find some use for Jazzy, the Jazzy game doesn't serve much purpose, it is just fun to play.
It was great seeing you two and meeting up with the long lost relatives. It's amazing how they aged and we didn't ... LOL!
Keep in touch and LUV YA BUNCHES!
Your Michigan Sister :)

amyroz said...

Put down the GUN!

I LOVE that pix!

Your Esko Sister