Monday, September 14, 2009

In A Fog

I finally got my seasons one and two of Torchwood returned to me after having been loaned out to a somewhat unreliable person. I received them graciously and then walked into my house and did a happy dance.

This was on Saturday afternoon after the 10 mile walk. I needed some rest and relaxation and now I didn't need to pretend that I had a local video store that I could pop over to and rent something quick.

I won't say that I spent the rest of the weekend on the sofa, after all I did clean my kitchen and went to knitting at Yarn Harbor for a bit, but the majority of my weekend was spent with gay former time agents and an assortment of aliens, cannibals, and flesh eating fairies.

So, perhaps I was in a suggestive frame of mind when I took the dogs out for their walk last night or perhaps it was the mysterious fog that visibly crept up the street towards us as we stood on the corner while Kirby attempted to get down to business.

I've not walked around in fog like that at night and as I was marveling at its movements and how it enveloped everything in its path in a "Jane Goodall scientific wonder woman except I observe fog instead of chimps"-sort of way, both dogs suddenly lunged to the ends of their leashes and absolutely flipped tits.

Now, Kirby flips out over everything: cars, bikes, motorcycles, stationary boats that are parked in driveways, and oxygen in the atmosphere. Shuggie hardly EVER freaks out.

But they both freaked out, to my human senses, simultaneously. I think they were noticing the rolling curtain of fog coming after us and couldn't figure it out and since it was to ethereal to pee on, of course you need to LOSE YOUR MIND.

That is my rational explanation.

The explanation that I came up with after the three of of turned tail and ran all the way home.

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