Sunday, September 13, 2009

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

I was asked by a neighbor today if I was "the mother or the daughter".

He doesn't know us and I find him somewhat...different.

He would speak to STBX and knew his name but I have always kept to myself around him because obviously, I have a STELLAR CREEP DETECTOR.

He is undoubtedly a nice guy with some OCD issues and perhaps, just perhaps, was dropped on his head as a small child. This does not make him bad. This just makes him different.

Perhaps I have a STELLAR DIFFERENT DETECTOR and my creep detector is what needs a little work.

But he asked my name today and after I told him, I kind of waited for him to ask the question that I have been waiting for ANY of my neighbors to ask:

So, WTF has been up with your life for the last three quarters of a year?

Is there a code of conduct that states "neighbors shall not, under any circumstances, inquire as to the whereabouts of a missing spouse".

Or was it the police car that was parked out front of our house on a few different occasions last December?

Or does everyone already know because I blog?

Or do they just open their curtains occasionally and make puzzled comments?

Perhaps they wonder if I've dismembered the body and stuffed it in the compost bin.

All I know is that one set of neighbors talks to me more and another hasn't talked to me at all since it all happened.

And then there is the other neighbor that needs to know if I'm the mother or the daughter.

Bless his odd little heart.

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Anonymous said...

Gardeners tell me only plant matter in the compost bin - coffee grounds too. Hope you are feeling better.