Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I've Got An Answer!

Word came down from the lab last night, I don't have an ulcer!

I am, instead, dealing with giardia.

I have never been so happy to be swimming in parasites.

Some people go to deepest Africa to get this, some go to Mexico. I go to the third world country of Flint, MI,

Now I can actually take drugs for five days and hopefully won't be one of the lucky ones that has drug resistance or a chronic case.

Cuz seriously? I'm tired of being known as the Queen of Sharts.


Nancy said...

yup - sister-in-law got it in Ely last fun.....good luck.

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! I know just how you feel. I was sicker than a dog for 2 1/2 months and no one could help me figure it out. Turns out I was pregnant ;o} Swear, true story! Hubby was the one to figure it out! See I told you I knew what it was like to have a parasite swimming around in oneself! Granted I birthed and named mine. Will you do the same or opt for abortion? Yes I know, I am one sick puppy no need to tell me!
But seriously I hope the 5 days of medication do the trick!

Anonymous said...

Great news on your diagnosis! I once had it for several months, so understand your misery. I did consider bottling the river water I swam in and marketing it as a weight loss product. Could have been a crazy fun late night infomercial - especially all those side effects.

Anonymous said...

Now Flint has enough problems without you telling the world about the water. With all the unemployment and crime, I mean geez we wouldn't know how to live with safe streets and clean water. We look at the bright side around here. Keep your doors locked, buy a Brita filter, and (best of all) at least we don't live in DETROIT!