Saturday, September 12, 2009

Queen of Indecision

I need to leave in a half an hour to participate in the DAIP walk/run. I am running to the bathroom, bent over with gut pain, sick as a dog.

Do I go, pick up the t-shirt that I have already paid for, and come home?

Do I walk the short distance?

Do I get my shirt and sit in a biffy for six hours until it's over?

I feel like a quitter but I also feel like crap.

What a first world problem!

Added Later: I ended up doing a ten mile walk. Gave a new meaning to the phrase "biffy in a jiffy".

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Taking care of yourself when you are sick is vital to your life. When you are sick, caring for yourself moves everything else to the lower priority level.

And if you ignore your needs, you will suffer longer than you need to.


Curl up in bed and cuddle with your fur babies. Rest. Heal.

There will always be races to run.