Friday, September 11, 2009

Sentimental Journey

Al Gore should be proud. It appears I tried to recycle so much that I threw my camera cord in there by accident. Dammit Al! Now those small Chinese children need to make me another!

I guess I'll have to go into the vault for a couple photos...perhaps from our recent vacation?

Lakes? Relatives? Long lost school mates?

Nah. Here's one I took while waiting at a red light in Flint. It made me laugh.

It wasn't until a few days later that I realized these kinds of ads were everywhere. Divorce and bad credit. One sign advertised a website called "". No, I didn't link to it. I didn't even go to it.

I can just imagine hearing a spouse say "Well, our home mortgage tripled due to that bad loan so I think I'm going to visit because that is definitely a reputable company in which to start our financial life over again."

And then the other person in the marriage visits

Next up? What were the architects at the Detroit airport smoking when they created the weird tunnel between terminals? The walls change colors while freaky music plays in the background. It was like being birthed by Janis Joplin.

I have to track down a photo from high school of my two friends that I met up with. We took a photo in the same place while we were there (twenty three years later) and I want to do a side by side comparison because I'm like know, a masochist.


Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO Thank you! It's 4:43 am here and I've been waiting for your post, you know, because I have such a wonderful life of my own ;o]

Annie said...

After spending MANY 6-hr layovers at DTW, I like the tunnel, but only when it's green or blue. Red and its music are too jangly. Two other good things: the fountain and the birds that live in Terminal A.

Mary said...

I LOVE THE TUNNEL. haha I wish they'd put some chairs and couches in there so I could loiter less conspicuously.