Monday, November 16, 2009

Paint Paint Everywhere

The dog has paint on his ear.

The cat has paint on his tail.

The second I pen the dogs up in the kitchen and give them the talk regarding behavior and civic duty, the cat goes springing over the gate and flying through the wet doorway. Cats do not honor any thoughts of civic responsibility. When the zombie apocalypse happens and you're rallying your friends and neighbors, your cat will be in the corner plotting which of you it will cannibalize first.

Yesterday, I also had to wash my hair and deal with the fact that the entire back of my head had paint on it. Never let a klutzy person paint in a confined space. Better yet, never let a klutzy person paint.

I do not paint responsively. I'm sort of like an epileptic with a home decorating fetish.

For all the drama and trauma though, I am very nearly ready to declare two whole rooms painted. There are still a few touch ups that need to be done but nothing that will take over an hour in its entirety.

This evening, my goal is to hang my curtains back up in my dining room. That doesn't sound like a monumental goal until I look back and realize that I haven't had curtains hanging up in my dining room since before March 8th.

Over eight months of interior disarray.

I won't be posting photos of the goodness because I have made the determination that when my daughter comes home for the holidays, I want to surprise her with how it all looks.


I was able to thank everyone with a note that donated to her airline travel fund except for one person who donated anonymously. I'd like to thank that person here and now.

She will be coming in on the 22nd of December and leaving on New Years Day. We aren't planning on doing anything special and we aren't going to have a tree or presents (no, I am not asking for a tree or presents...don't worry...) but we are going to have each other.

And a house with a kick ass paint job!

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Anonymous said...

Blessed are those who prayers have been answered! Congragtulations and I hope you have a wonderful time with your children this Christmas. I may be in the minority here, but put up another donation button. You need a tree and Dinner. You must celebrate with new traditions. No more Mr. Morose in the corner bitching at everyone else, no more crying silently. NO MORE. Start your traditions NOW, please! Put up that donation button again. I for one will use it as I know that others will too! AND get started right away on a beautiful sweater for your children to put under that tree! Or maybe a beautiful afghan for your daughters room at school, you know her tastes. Our prayers and thoughts are with you!
Tabatha (friend in folsom)